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ZGS11    type    Combined          Transformer
ZGS11 type Combined Transformer
ZGS11 type Combined Transformer


ZGS11 type Combined Transformer is a kind of localized American style box transformer. As an important power supply unit in the urban and rural distribution network, this product integrates high-voltage control, protection, substation and power distribution equipment, and is widely used in urban and rural distribution networks.

The transformer has two structures: Integrated box transformer (ZGS type) and Split box transformer (ZFS type). The fuel tank is fully sealed and equipped with oil temperature gauge, oil level gauge, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, oil drain valve and other components to monitor transformer operation.

Structure features:

u Compact structure and small size.

u Full insulation, full sealed structure helps protect personal safety.

u HV side is protected by double fuse protectors.

u Flexible power supply and high reliability.

u Low loss, low noise, short-circuit resistance and high overload capacity.

u Designed according to standard schemes or by design.

ZFS type structure features:

u Isolated structure of transformer body, HV load switch, Plug-in fuse and Backup current limiting fuse.

u No mutual influence, easy maintenance.

u Solve the pollution problem of load switch operation and fuse blown on transformer oil.

Using environment:

u Temperature: Min -30℃~Max+40℃;

u Relative humidity: Daily average ≦95%; Monthly average≦95%;

u Altitude: ≦1000m;

u Wind speed: Equivalent 34m/s(≦700Ps);

u Shock level: Horizontal acceleration ≦ 0.4m/s2,Vertical acceleration ≦0.15m/s2;

u Installation site inclination: ≦ 3°;

u Installation location: The place with no corrosive, flammable gass and no violent vibration.

When the conditions of use exceed the above range, the user shall negotiate with us to determine the allowable range or take corresponding supplementary technical measures.

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